Historic Centre (Old Town) of Tallinn

Historic Centre (Old Town) of Tallinn is a Cultural World Heritage Sites (#822) dating back to the 13th century. The Old Town is exceptionally well-preserved despite the ravages of fire and war in the intervening centuries. The old town is easily accessible from the airport or the central Tallinn bus terminal.
The Old Town of Tallinn can be enjoyed year round, but is especially beautiful during the winter when it gets snow-capped.
From the Airport or the Tallinn Bus central take a taxi to your hotel, from the airport it is about 20 minutes and from the Bus Central about 10 minutes. From your hotel you can most likely walk to the Old Town. If you are coming from Riga, take the earliest bus, which will make you arrive in Tallinn around 11.30 and be at your hotel by 12. Personally I think the VIP seats are worth the few extra Euros to get single seats for the 4-4½ hour journey.
The old town of Tallinn can be seen in one full day. I recommend to spend one night, arriving early on the first day and leaving early morning on the second day. If you are coming from Riga with the Lux Express, I recommed departing later during the second day and do the KGB museum at the second day.
10.00AM - Walk along the Old city wall
11.00AM - Enjoy the views from Patkuli Trepp
11.20AM - Take in the views from the Kohtuotsa viewing platform
12.00PM - Lunch
13.00PM - Walk around the Old Town
14.30PM - Guided tour at the KGB museum
18.00PM - Dinner
20.00PM - Enjoy night views from Patkuli Trepp and Kohtuotsa viewing platform
06.30AM - Breakfast
07.30AM - Depart for next destination
Tallinn and Estonia as a whole is a rather inexpensive country. Due to this fact, I went for VIP seats which is only a few Euros more than the standard setas, on the Lux Express bus on my journey to Riga.
EUR 28 - VIP Bus ticket with the Lux Express (Either going to or coming from Riga)
EUR 10 - KBG Museum entry
EUR 92 - Park Inn by Radisson Blu (2 persons)
EUR 10 - Visiting the different parts of the old city wall
EUR 15 - Taxi to or from Airport and to or form the Bus station (2 persons)
In total about EUR 100, this can be done even cheaper if you opt for the standard seats in the Lux express and take a cheaper hotel near the old town.
I stayed Park Inn by Radisson Blu, which is a convenient 10 minutes walk from the Old Town.
1. Take a stroll on the Old City Wall
There are three places which allows you to take a short stroll on the Old city wall of Tallinn. The one near the Viru gate on the East side of the old town is the longest and most impressive part.
tallinn old town gate tallinn city wall tallinn catapult
Viru gate, and inside and outside of the Tallinn Old City Wall
2. Enjoy the view over the Old Town from Kohtuotsa Viewing Platform
The Kohtuotsa viewving platform offers magnificent views over the Old Town, you can enjoy the view both at day light and at night.
tallinn old town view day snow tallinn old town view night
View from the Kohtuotsa viewing platform
3. Read the small messages at Patkuli Trepp
Patkuli Trepp gives great views over the the Northern part of the Old city and the Harbor both day and night. On the walls there are also written several interesting messages.
"Save the camera, honey. Enjoy the view"
save camera honey tallinn harbour view day tallinn harbour view night games people play
View and text messages at the Patkili Trepp
4. Take a guided tour in the KGB museum
The Viru Hotel offers daily guided tour in their KGB museum on their upper floor. The tour takes an hour and gives you a great insight into what was going on at the Viru Hotel under Estonias occupation by the Soviet Union. You are also allowed outside to enjoy the incredible views over the old town (might be obscured in bad weather, as when I went)
kgb museum office kgb museum radio room kgb museum view old town
Burger and "Tapas" at Restaurant ???
1. Restaurant F-Hoone
This restaurant is located a short 10 min walk from the Old Town. It have a hipster like atmosphere and is located in an old big storage hall.
burger dinner tapas bread meat
Burger and "Tapas" at Restaurant ???
2. Restaurant Kukeke OÜ
This restaurant is located just on the opposite side of the road of Restaurant F-Hoone. The restaurant is really cozy and feels a bit like you are having a dinner at home with its interior look.
restaurant hipster home dinner duck home made icecream
Duck breast and home made ice cream at restaurant ???
1. Bring WARM clothes
If you visit in the winter months, be sure to bring plenty of WARM clothes. The temperature can easily drop to -15 to -20 celcius.
2. Go early to the Viru hotel to book KGB museum tour
The only way to see the KGB museum is through the guided tour offered by the Viru Hotel. It is a popular tour that easily gets fulled booked, so you should go there in the morning of your arrival day to secure your spot for later on the same day.


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